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Speaking of lifestyle needs, River Park Place is designed to be more than just a residential condominium. It is marketed as a lifestyle choice for those who have a particular sense of how they want their life to be enjoyed. You won’t be disappointed as the developers at CDC Holdings have committed to making this sense of community one that provides rest and relaxation for its residents.

First and foremost, there are basic building facilities that are designed to make the life of the residents more at ease and convenient. There are 8 elevators in total, which designates 2 elevators per building. Hence, it should be easy to access your units or leave when you want to. There are also parking spaces available within the building itself. With 360 units and up to 310 parking slots available, you can guarantee that there will be sufficient space to securely park your vehicle within the building. 

There is also an elevated water tank system available for all the four towers. Hence, you can rest assured that there will be a consistent supply of water when needed. There is no need to worry about unanticipated water interruptions or disruptions of any nature.

When it comes to the recreational facilities available, River Park Place has plenty to offer. This will ensure that you and your family can pursue the life you want and enjoy it. As mentioned above, there will be commercial and retail spaces available in the ground level of each tower. This makes it convenient for when you need to buy something so you won’t even have to step out of the building to get what you need. Everything you need is right within the building.

The leisure amenities also include the standard features in modern condominium projects such as the Swimming Pool. There are two types of swimming pools available: one for adult, and one for kids. Thus, you do not have to go to a nearby resort to relax on weekends. You can head to the pool whenever you want to take a dip or to unwind. This facility is available exclusively for the residents to ensure that you can maximize the experience. 

The entire community is also built with landscaped gardens and walking trails. Hence, you can step out of the building and go to the landscaped gardens so you can enjoy the green space. Who would have thought that this would be possible in a location that is located so close to the city? You can enjoy your own little space of nature in the middle of a bustling urban setting. You can go there to meditate, relax, or just enjoy some fresh air.

There are also covered pavilions to facilitate your time to unwind. You can sit there and watch the landscaped gardens, or read a book. It is completely up to you! But if you want to do something active, a gymnasium is available for residents of River Park Place. You can use this space to play your favorite sport and get active without the need to go elsewhere!

  • Swimming pool
  • Function Room
  • Jogging path
  • Garden area
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